Bat Melech operates the only two shelters in Israel for abused women from the religiously observant community. The shelters enable women and their children to escape the cycle of violence.

Women are referred to Bat Melech by the Ministry of Welfare, police, community rabbis, Mikvah attendants, and medical professionals, among others

The Legal Aid Department of Bat Melech helps women represent themselves with dignity and achieve their rights.

We believe that proper representation in the family legal system is not a privilege of men or women of economic ability, but is the right of every woman.


We are obligated to break through the veil of silence and secrecy that surrounds the existence of domestic violence.

Raising awareness of the problem in Israel and in Jewish communities around the world is the first step in addressing the issue.

The Bat Melech team is involved in educational activities and frequently gives lectures to students, rabbis, policemen and others.

To schedule a lecture please contact our office.

At times, women are not technically or emotionally ready to move out of the shelter to begin an independent life.

In order to enable them to leave the shelter and learn to become fully independent, Bat Melech operates a number of transitional apartments which provide women with continued support and an opportunity to develop life management skills.

The great challenge facing women as they leave the shelter is the transition to an independent life free from violence.

Bat Melech continues to assist these women and their children long after they leave the shelter to ensure success in their new life.

Bat Melech operates a hotline for women in need of shelter or counseling that is staffed by experienced social workers and attorneys