Helping Women Move On

Women come to Bat Melech in times of crisis. We offer a safe haven in a nurturing and rehabilitative environment. For many women, leaving the protected environment of the shelter to the transitional apartment is only the beginning of the road, one that is often paved with economic and psychological challenges.

Sadly, the problems faced by many of the women do not always end when they leave the shelter or transitional apartment. This is why we continue our involvement with each woman after she moves on. Whether they need ongoing legal services, professional referrals or a shoulder to cry on, Bat Melech staff will always be available. 

Throughout the year, Bat Melech includes all the women who have moved on from the shelters in a number of special activities.  During holidays such as Purim, for example, Mishloach Manot packages are distributed and the women and children are invited to a huge Purim party.  During vacation periods, there are special “Pampering Days” for former and current Bat Melech residents.