Warning signs of a violent relationship

It could happen to anyone, including you!

The  following set of guidelines will give you the tools you need to  identify the level of danger you are in for domestic violence, and the chance your present condition could deteriorate quickly and unexpectedly into something far more dangerous.
If you find one of these danger signals in your present relationship, don’t wait!  Seek advice, help and assistance immediately. 
We are here for you!
Social isolation
He cuts you off from your family, your friends, and your surroundings.  He prevents you from attending family events, talks down about  your family, and distances you from them emotionally. He destroys any attempt you make at connection with anyone other than himself.
Excessive jealousy and possessiveness
He is the one who decides what you’ll wear, speaks in your name, and checks your social media so that you can’t get away from him for a minute. In order to keep from angering him, you are forced to cancel your own needs and wants.
Belittling, criticism, and lack of appreciation
He insults, humiliates, mocks and belittles you and your actions through words or behaviors and gestures.  He hurts you in the presence of other people, cuts you off in the middle of speaking, and doesn’t allow you to express yourself. 
Extreme Mood Swings
His behavior changes without warning, giving you no chance to anticipate whether his reaction to any given event will be positive or aggressive and accusatory.  One day he’s as sweet as honey and the next you feel threatened. When he’s with you, he is nervous and angry, but outwardly, towards others, everything is just fine. 
Excessive criticism and blame
He criticizes you on a wide range of issues,  considers you solely to blame for all the problems in your relationship and makes you feel that you are wrong, beneath him, worthless and weak.
Obsessive and compulsive behavior
He calls constantly, leaves many messages, demands a report every minute on  where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.  He tracks you, your cell phone and  your email.
And sometimes this very simple question is enough, Are you afraid of him?
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