The ‘Itach’ Project

We are pleased to update you on a new project run by Bat Melech for the benefit of women affected by domestic violence, in particular amongst the religious and Ultra-Orthodox community.
The project promotes solidarity within the community and invites women to volunteer, to
be ‘ambassadors’ of Bat Melech, acting as the initial representative from the community to
help and assist in the case of a woman suffering from domestic violence.
Unfortunately, despite the extensive and longstanding activities of Bat Melech, we know
that many religious and ultra-Orthodox women do not know who to turn to when they or
those around them become a victim of domestic violence. Sometimes they know – but they are afraid to reach out. Family members and friends who notice distress do not know who to turn to for counseling.
The ‘Itach’ Project was created to make the relevant information accessible to every woman, friend, or family member. This way, we can make sure that a female representative of Bat Melech will always be available and close by, who is trained to assist them, to provide them with an immediate initial response, and to mediate the assistance which they need.
Bat Melech continues to operate its helpline, staffed by therapeutic and legal professionals.
The helpline staff provides a comprehensive therapeutic and legal response to women who
need it. The women volunteers, representatives of Bat Melech in the community, will be
able to refer the women who contact them to Bat Melech’s professional counselors or
mediate the counseling for them.
The project has received the blessing of rabbis, Rebbetzins, therapists, and marriage
To join the project as a volunteer ambassador – please fill out the application questionnaire: