Transitional Apartments

After the women stay at the shelter they are ready to move on to a new, independent life. This is not an easy step, and there are women who are not fully prepared to make that move. In order to ease the transition, Bat Melech operates a number of apartments that offer independent living with ongoing support from the shelter.

These transitional apartments are physically located near each shelter so that the women and children can continue to receive treatment and legal assistance, and daily routines, such as school and special activities at the shelter, won’t be disrupted.

A unique, personalized program is designed for each woman and provides guidance through every step back to gaining independence. The program includes goals and objectives and provides an accurate update of her progress along the way.


Employment and vocational training
We encourage every woman to support themselves and find suitable employment, thus enabling them to better integrate into their local community and the greater society. We offer referrals and funding for vocational studies that are best suited to each woman’s skills.