Bat Melech Canada

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בת מלך - סיוע לנשים דתיות-חרדיות הסובלות מהתעללות ע”י בעליהן

Bat Melech actively encourages ties with individuals and associations around the world, with 3 Friends Societies in 2 continents. These societies organize public community activities and raise donations on behalf of Bat Melech in order to support the prevention of domestic violence and support of women and their children, victims of DV in the Orthodox community. 

Bat Melech supports thousands of women annually through calls to the helpline, and 60 women and 200 children in two shelters, the only shelters in Israel for the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox community. Bat Melech shelters provide a safe haven, emotional support and legal aid to Orthodox women suffering from physical, sexual, emotional, financial and spiritual abuse by their husbands and are in life-threatening situations.

The shelters operate under the supervision and support of the Ministry of Welfare in Israel.

Contact: 336 Spadina Road, Unit 1103, Toronto M5R 2V8,

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