Special event for raising awareness and donations

Bat Melech recently held a special evening in Beit Shemesh dedicated for sharing information about Bat Melech and urging the attendee to increase their donations for our shelters. The proceeding were initiated by our volunteers and under the auspices of Beit Shemesh Mayor, Dr. Aliza Bloch and her deputy, attorney Rina Hollander, head 9f the city’s Department for The Advancement of Women.
The evening’s event began with Dr. Aliza Bloch’s emotional words in which she expressed her pleasure in seeing seated here many caring people who are interested in creating a better and healthier life for society. “People came out of their comfort zone and chose to partake in society’s more challenging missions. Such actions brightens everyone’s life.”
“It’s extremely important that we know how to sense signs of distress and cries for help by women who find themselves entangled in a life of abuse and violence. We must be able to detect such stress by keeping our eyes wide open and listening carefully and identifying the situations. “
This important event was also coordinated by attorney Mirit Hoffman and many wonderful volunteers.
It was a powerful and emotional evening as actor Alon Margalit, in a one man show, played the part of an abusive and violent husband faced by G’, a former shelter resident who related to the crowd the violence she endured and the amazing rehabilitation she received in Bat Melech.
In her words to the attendees. Slait Geva director of one of Bat Melch’s shelters, pointed out a number of red flags that are evident in a family witnessing violence. Her tips on how to successfully confront such cases of abuse and violence within the family.

In the name of Bat Melech we extend a tremendous THANK YOU fo all those who participated in this special event, to all who donated to the cause, to all the wonderful people who made this evening a success
To Beit Shenesh Mayor, Dr. Aliza Bloch, thank you for embracing us. To her deputy, attorney , Rina Hollander
For her unhesitant, enthusiastic partaking in this mission.
A tremendous Thank you to all the amazing and selfless volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this evening special:
Mirit Hoffman, Mimi Kamiler, Michal Lichtenstein, Bibsi Zukerbrot, Yael Kurtz, Gila Plus, Shlomtzi Wortman, Rachel Holzer, Shlomit Rahimi, Etti Ben-Ami, Shmarit Shmuel.