Tzilit Jacobson, Bat Melech’s COB speaks at El-Halev conference

Tzilit Jacobson, COB, Bat Melech:

Morning. Voices heard. From The Heart.
She’s speaking to delegates from 22 countries, worldwide. It’s the yearly conference organized and tun by the “El HaLev – To The Heart” organization. An educational conference on the subject of violence against women. A unified goal for all religions and nationalities.
I am attempting to give our royal daughters the voice they need in order to disseminate the complexities involved in the public discussion of domestic violence, within the religious community and proposes a framework intended to awaken the consciousness and methods of prevention. I pray that my voice will resonate and be heard in all corners of the world.
Night. Stretched hand. From The Heart.
The yard becomes crowded with a mosaic of colorful packages, filled to the brim with wonderful products. A mosaic of good people and wonderful youths who stretch out their helping hands and open their hearts in order to guarantee that each and every shelter current and past resident and every one of their children will have a joyful and sweet Purim which is fast approaching. I pray the outstretched hand will be able to grab hold of at least one other hand and give it the encouragement it craves.
And the heart will fill up with joy, happiness, and wellbeing.

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