One year ago today, I regained my life – personal testimonial

H., who has recently left Bat Melech Shelter, writes about that day, one year ago, when she was born anew:
One year ago today, I regained my life, as a gift, mere hours before I learned about the murder of Maya Vishniak. When I heard the news of her murder, I was shocked and emotional. Earlier that week, the feature on Michal Sela was on TV. I watched the first part of the feature at home, and I cried my eyes out – a million pennies dropped as I was watching. I was already at the shelter when I watched the second part. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum – they lost their lives so that I would be able to earn mine. All this is not trivial to me, and therefore, even though I had decided to keep quiet, I can’t keep this decision. I have to share my story for the chance that someone, even one woman, would read it and decide she deserves a different life. I am trying to find the delicate balance between standing on my own two feet and take care of myself and my home, and wanting to give something of myself to others, give back to this circle here. I see it as a mission. It was written in blood. Yesterday, I sat at a women’s circle and talked about myself and what motivates me. I shared my story and everyone was surprised. “You don’t look like one,” they told me. I didn’t plan to cry, but I did. This is weird, because they say that having told this story so many times, you don’t cry anymore. I don’t know why, but this hasn’t happened in my case; a whole year has passed and I still cry. But I don’t only cry. I also laugh, and I feel happy, and I try to enjoy life, especially any peaceful moment I have. You could say I earned them. What I remember from this day one year ago is the horizon, the beautiful sky above me, the wonder of creation that I finally had time to notice. And I remember the space to breathe, the freedom. “Fly, little bird, cut through the sky. Fly anywhere you want Just don’t forget there’s an eagle in the sky. Be careful.”

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