Video testimonial campaign – domestic violence

“Why didn’t I just get up and leave? We just began to build a family and he apologized and promised to go to therapy. ”M’ (full name not revealed in order to protect her from further abuse and violence) related her disturbing story of domestic abuse. “I want to scream out and shout loudly! I want to make sure that my anguished voice will be heard by every single woman currently suffering in a violent relationship. Yet, every morning, Every morning, I force myself to smile and project to the world, a regular, normal life.

If you are listening, if you hear me, I want to tell you that there it must not be this way. It can and should be different! There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. You just have to take that first step! You are not alone! Do you feel that your life is in danger? Are you experiencing ever-growing abuse and violence? Do you suspect that someone in your circle of friends or neighbors is drowning in an abusive relationship? Please call Bat Melech’s emergency help center.

****The above is a testimony given by M’ who asked to remain anonymous due to the high probability of retribution.

Narrated and presented by Noah Kidar.