The challenge of distance learning in the shelters

The COVID-19 pandemic created many new challenges for everyone. One of those challenges with which the parental public is facing, is ‘distance learning’, an education given by remote. Instead of sitting in a classroom, the student and teacher ‘meet’ by zoom, phone, or other methods of remote access. The shortage in computers coupled with the number of children in the family, all present at the same time, and the difficulty in scheduling all lessons at the same time, are the steady difficulties encountered on a daily basis. So what do we do for the dozens of children in the shelter? Children who are gathered together in the same, tight confinement? Children of varied ages? Children, some of who are learning on a computer while others only have the use of a filtered cell phone?Thankfully, donors came forward and contributed a number of PCs and open cell-phones. We converted some empty nooks and spaces into temporary ‘classrooms’ and each child was provided a pair of earphones which will enable him/her to concentrate on the lessons and tasks being provided remotely. Thank you to the shelters’ amazing staff and the young ladies from the civil service units for the selfless and tireless efforts they enthusiastically invested in helping the students and providing the proper assistance to each and every student in the shelters.