Rabbi Lau honors his request to celebrate a boy’s Bar Mitzvah

S’, who, together with his mother, left the shelter only a number of months ago, recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.

As the happy day approached, S’ remembered that the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, had visited the Bat Melech shelter, conversed with him and showed much interest in him and his situation. Rabbi Lau asked S’ to invite him to his Bar Mitzvah.

S’ was skeptical that the Rabbi’s busy daily schedule would allow him the time to share the big day with him. How surprised and emotional S’ became when he received an invitation to come to the Chief Rabbis office together with his mother and siblings in order to mark his Bar Mitzvah.

During the emotional meeting, the Rabbi blessed the young man and encouraged the family to continue to overcome the difficulties and struggles on their way to build a new home and life full of goodness and joy.

M’, the boy’s mother said the following:
“The meeting with the Rabbi on the occasion of my son’s Bar Mitzvah was very emotional and gave us tremendous encouragement. S’ didn’t imagine that he will meet the Rabbi in his office,especially that the Rabbi is extremely busy.
It was extremely emotional and the Rabbi’s gentleness and warmth were unbelievable. He encouraged my other children to invite him to their Bar Mitzvahs and weddings Iy”H.
Needless to say that this exciting and moving moment will remain with us for eternity!
Thank you, Rabbi Lau, for lifting our spirits and building our courage.