MK Malkiel visits the shelter

Bat Melech had the unique privilege of hosting Knesset Member, Malkiel, on a visit to familiarize himself up close about the intricacies faced by the abused women in the Chareidi sector.

During his visit, MK Malkiel was intimately exposed to the multi-faceted rehabilitative systems employed in the shelters, the difficulties encountered by the mothers and the children as well as the need to educate the public as to the festering problem in the sector.

During his visit, MK Malkiel shared his personal experience with the subject:
“My mother, may she be well, has been, for many years, helping many troubled and traumatized women so that the painful subject is familiar to me. However, I quote our Rabbis of the past who said: “ seeing is more poignant than hearing…” and seeing what I saw today is very upsetting.”
In concluding the visit, an emotional MK Malkiel, said the following: “There is no doubt that picking up the glove on such a painful subject, is a sacred mission because it’s not in the Chareidi and religious public spotlight. I chose to come here in order to see and speak to those who are working on this holy task and to encourage the suffering women. I’d like to be able to help in any way possible. I’d like to give hope to each and every woman here who came with her personal story of abuse and pain.”

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