Chareidi support organizations campaign

Ever since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic exploded, Bat Melech’s emergency hotline has been ringing practically non-stop. The forced seclusion and enclosure creates unbearable pressure within the family and explosions of anger and domestic violence grew tenfold.
The women and children who find themselves in that domestic circle of violence, locked in with the abusive individual, are caught in unbearable situations with no way to escape. Their sense of despair grows, not aware that there is ray of hope and rescue they can turn to!
In these stressful and dangerous days, Bat Melech, in full cooperation of other Chareidi help organizations, has come out with a campaign to make available all of the emergency numbers and reach out and provide needed assistance to those most vulnerable.
Bat Melech calls out to the public to be more alert than ever in noticing what may be happening in neighboring families. This is not a matter of interfering in someone’s privacy – it is a matter of saving lives!
We at Bat Melech are stretching our hand to everyone who may need our help, to everyone experiencing domestic violence. We beg you: don’t struggle alone! Bat Melech is here. Please pick up the phone. Now!
For contributions and to volunteer in our shelters, please see link below >>