A pre-Chanukah celebration

A pre-Chanuka celebration for one of Bat Melech’s shelters was held in the Shomraya settlement which had ‘adopted’ the shelter and harnessed it’s amazing people to conduct special and unique projects.
During the day, the children enjoyed the various activities and projects all infused with the deep meaning of Chanukah, participated in decorating doughnuts, built Chanukah candelabras and much more.
A number of amazing volunteers engaged and entertained the infants in a Gymboree in order to free their mothers to enjoy the variety of beautiful, high class jewelry display.

After a delicious and sumptuous dinner, a magician performed his talents to the delight and amazement of both parents and children.
Thank you so much to the Shomraya secretariat and the entire wonderful community for enthusiastically taking part part in such a unique day, and giving our residents and the children the feeling of being part of you.